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Company Background

Fenix Hydromet is a privately owned company, established in 2001 to commercialise a patented process for the removal of ferric impurities from copper electrowinning solutions (US Patent 5,948,264). This process followed from the development of innovative separation materials for the treatment for radioactive waste, conducted as part of the US Nuclear Research Program.

FENIX Iron Control plant

Fenix has since diversified, and expanded, to cover a range of chemical separation technologies. Fenix has clients and projects in Australia, SE Asia, Europe, North and South America. While the core business of the company is in the application of Ion Exchange technology, each client requirement is reviewed for the most effective and economical treatment process. As such, Fenix has installed and operated Solvent Extraction, Ion Exchange and filtration systems in addition to conventional precipitation, crystallization and electrochemical treatment processing.


Fenix owns a stock of equipment, at a number of locations, which can be used to develop Pilot Testing Plant, and also has a large range of ion exchange resins. Fenix also has supply arrangements with multiple equipment, reagent and resin manufacturers, thus maintaining an independence from any single supplier, so as to be able to provide the best client focussed solution.

6 x 1000L IX plant

Pilot plant 3 x 10L columns

IX pilot plant in transit

MCC for pilot rig

250L IX columns

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