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Resin in Pulp/Resin in Solution

Single stage RIP pilot with technician

Resin in Pulp (RIP) is already commonly used commercially for the recovery of gold cyanide and uranium, the technique is particularly well developed and widely used in the former Soviet States.  RIP has the main advantage over fixed bed ion exchange in that it uses open tanks rather than much more expensive pressure vessels. There are a number of similarities to the use of Carbon In Pulp in a gold cyanide carbon plant, as the resin is added to the pulp solution to load copper, screened and transferred to an elution column.  Following elution the resin is returned to service.

Single stage RIP pilot on elevated platform

Technically the chemistry of the process is robust with regard to copper removal from acidic solutions, and the main focus of previous Fenix Hydromet testwork has been addressing the challenges presented by the engineering aspects of resin transfer and handling.



Fenix has designed and fabricated a number of RIP plants for clients, using either single or multiple RIP stages.


Full scale RIP tanks

Resin transfer screens

Air lift /Sieve bend screen schematic

Gypsum blocking screen

4 Stage lab scale RIP pilot plant





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