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Sepon Copper RIP Project, PDR LAO

Single stage RIP pilot at mine site in Laos

Fenix conducted laboratory trials at Sepon mine site for LXML, followed by extensive on site pilot studies and a feasibility study to recover copper from the site process tails using single stage RIP from highly viscous 40% solids tailings.


Project Activities included:

  • Laboratory testwork to define optimal resin type, resin %, residence time and operating conditions
  • Preliminary economic evaluation to justify progress to pilot scale
  • Design, install and operation of pilot site on site, conducted in two campaigns spanning 3 months of on site testing using real plant pulps.
  • Design and feasibility study to develop costing model for full scale plant consisting of single stage RIP to recover up to 4 tonnes of copper/ day.

Client contact: Brenden Weekes, Processing and Plant Maintenance Manager, NUI PHAO MINING COMPANY LIMITED, Hamlet 11, Ha Thuong commune, Dai Tu Dist., Thai Nguyen  – Viet Nam

Phone: +(84) 4 3718 2490




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