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Adchem – IX removal of Cu from barren process liquors

IX unit installed at Burra

The objective of this project was to remove/recover low level copper from barren process solutions, enabling the copper depleted solution to then be treated for ammonia recovery.  Project activities included:

  • Literature review of available technologies and process applications
  • Pilot Scale study to demonstrate feasibility of Ion Exchange treatment
  • Six month demonstration plant to prove robustness of process
  • Commercial installation to fixed budget, installation undertaken as joint project with Adchem personnel.

The results of this work have delivered a significant cost benefit through copper recovery and an improved environmental outcome in site effluent quality. The installed plant was designed and has continued to operate un-manned with availability in excess of 99% since installation in 2004.

Client contact:             Simon Kibble, Manager – Technology and Development, Adchem Pty Ltd, PO Box 103, Burra SA, 5417

Phone: +(61) 8 88920555            Email :

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